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Attention applicants!

The separated structural subdivision "Shevchenkove vocation college of the
Uman national university of horticulture"
is a vocational higher education institution, which is a structural division of the
Uman National University of Horticulture, trains specialists at the educational and qualification level of "junior specialist" and educational and professional degree
"professional junior bachelor".

The college trains specialists in the following specialties:

- 208 "Agroengineering";
- 275.03 "Transport technologies (on road transport)";
- 193 "Geodesy and land management".

During its 93-year history, the name of the educational institution and its profile have changed, but the goal has always remained - the training of highly qualified specialists in the national economy.

The main advantage for applicants with a basic general secondary education (9th grade):

have the opportunity to continue their studies in institutions of higher education of the III-IV level of accreditation with reduced terms of training:
- Uman National University of Horticulture;
- Kyiv National University of Bioresources and Nature Management;
- Kremenchug National University named after Mykhailo Ostrogradskyi;
- Cherkasy State Technological University,
- Odesa State Agrarian University;
- Lviv Polytechnic National University;
- Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, etc.

In addition to a diploma of a junior specialist and a professional junior bachelor, graduates of our college receive a certificate of completion of a complete general secondary education, and also have the opportunity to obtain working professions:

- driver of motor vehicles of categories B, C1, C;
- tractor-machinist of agricultural production categories A1, A2, D1;
- II category computer operator.
- College students have the opportunity to study under the state order or at the expense of legal entities or individuals.

College graduates have the right to:

Admission to the university by degree education (immediately to the 3rd year in the chosen specialty and to the 2nd year in other specialties) by interview in the form of testing for state places and by contract (fee only for the 3rd and 4th year of the university)

It is possible to acquire the chosen specialty on full-time and part-time forms of education.


The material and technical base of the college consists of two educational buildings, which are equipped with 35 offices and laboratories, three computer classrooms.

The educational process is provided by a library with 55,381 copies, a reading room with 50 seats, and an assembly hall with 312 seats.

The college has a dormitory for 320 people, a dining room for 120 people, and a sports hall.

There is an equipped sports ground, the hostel has an exercise room.


College address:
20214, Shevchenko St., 74, p. Shevchenkive, Zvenigorodka district, Cherkasy region. The railway station of the city of Horodyshche of the Odesa railway road.

Mob. telephone +38 (097) 637-03-81
e-mail: 239780@ukr.net

The director of the college

Sheremet Serhii - the director of the college since 2022.

Teacher of the disciplines of professional and practical training in the specialty 275.03 "Transport technologies in road transport", specialist of the highest qualification category, teacher-methodologist.
Graduated from Kremenchug State Polytechnic University, Faculty of Automobile, 2007.
Specialty - "Lifting and transport, construction, road, reclamation machines and equipment". Bachelor
Kremenchug State Polytechnic University, 2008.
Specialty - "Lifting and transport, construction, road, reclamation machines and equipment".
Qualification - Mechanical engineer.
Kremenchug National University named after M. Ostrogradskyi, 2013.
The field of training is "Transport technologies (motor transport)". Bachelor.
Mykhailo Ostrogradsky Kremenchug National University, 2014.
Specialty - "Organization of transport and management of transport (vehicle)".
Qualification - Researcher in the transport industry.

Awarded the Diploma of the Uman National University of Science and Technology in 2019.
Diplomas of the State University of Agro-Education for taking the 2nd place in 2015; 1st and 3rd places in the "Pedagogical Innovations" competition in 2017.

Entered into the Book of Honor of the Department of Pedagogical Experience and Youth Creativity of the State University "Educational and Methodological Center of Higher and Professional Pre-Higher Education" in 2020.

Phone: 097 801 8687




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